Call Credit Pro (.com) Review 3.5 / 5

Call Credit Pro (.com) Review

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Call Credit Pro (.com) Review Summary:

Call Credit Pro reviews are few and far between, so let’s look into all of them.  Call Credit Pro is a company that provides tradelines services based out of San Diego, California. From all accounts, it appears Call Credit Pro has been around for quite some time, but never really scaled up. They stay small and efficient, seemingly on purpose. It seems to be a one man show, so that means it is owner operated, which is a good thing. I have called a few times and they never answered when I called. However, they do call back within a few hours and once it took until the next day. One time, it was someone other than the owner. The owner seemed knowledgeable and the other guy seemed “salesy”. I have heard that they deliver, that they take a lot of time to deliver, but rarely have I heard of them not delivering.


PROs and CONs:

  • “A” Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • In business since 2007.
  • The owner is very friendly and professional.
  • They do not work with CPNs.
  • A small business, but developing.
  • Delivery of service can be slow unless an expedited fees are paid.
  • Online (resolved) Complaints.





Prices at Call Credit Pro are very reasonable, in fact this is the category in which they rank above anyone else.  I think they are actually the cheapest in terms of a legitimate company that’s actually going to deliver.  However, from our review in other categories below, do not let price be your deciding factor, especially if you are in a time sensitive situation.  At the end of the day, their prices are great.


Pricing Model

Just like Superior Tradelines, Call Credit Pro’s prices depend on the tradeline purchased.  They range from $375 for a single (lower level) tradeline all the way up to $2,000.00 or so for a package.


Payment Methods

They say they can process Debit, Credit and Virtual Checks.





Ironically, I was able to glean from online complaints that Call Credit Pro actually get’s the job done.  What was consistent in the complaints I found was, at the end of the day, Call Credit Pro added the lines, but it just took too long or their client didn’t do what was asked of them.  So, they are “effective”, but not speedy. Update – It appears that they now offer an expedited service, but for a fee.



Call Credit Pro is one of the older companies (established in or around 2007).  I had a very short conversation with the owner and he seemed very knowledgeable, but I didn’t get a chance to truly test him.  He’s a very laid back and matter-of-fact kind of guy.  I can’t say he was “very” knowledgeable,  but I did NOT get the feeling that I was dealing with a scammer.  I got the feeling that I was in good hands.


Like I said, they’ve been in business since 2007, so that is plenty of time to be an expert in a field.  I’m sure the experience at Call Credit Pro is sufficient enough to be one of the best companies, but it’s putting that experience to work in a timely manner that became a recurring theme in my research, which subsequently has become a recurring theme in this review.



They are a small business, and operate as if it was 2007.  What I mean is, I didn’t see online portals, credit report upload areas, member areas, social media, etc., on their website.  The most “new age” thing I saw from Call Credit Pro was Google Advertising.  This showed me they are making an effort to draw in more leads.  So, I can imagine that dealing with them would consist of mailing or faxing back and forth paper work.  This is an assumption, please take it as such.  If you have information to further this sub-category, please comment below. Update – Since the time of this review Call Credit Pro has implemented a new website. After a discussion with the owner, we learned that they plan to have an ability for online orders and the ability to check card posting dates via a secure client login. In addition, the owner stated that since the initial review, they have hired two new full time employees and have tripled their tradeline inventory. This was according to the owner of Call Credit Pro. We were able to verify that a new website is being developed, but we are unable to verify the the tradeline inventory.


Customer Service:



Several of the reviews I found on-line discuss the fact that the complaining party did not get a call back in a timely manner.  So, I think it is reasonable to expect delayed communication.  However, at least they call back and get the job done, right?  Well, that’s up to you.  They might not be perfect, but they are still getting a good rating from us for actually helping clients.  I can’t knock them for being a small company. However, this may have just been a problem with a past employee who we’ve been told is no longer with the company.



The owner is professional.  One of the sales representatives I spoke with was not unprofessional, but, it did feel like a sales motivated conversation.  The owner sounded more interested in “helping” and the sales rep sounded more interested in closing a deal.  Overall, it wasn’t bad, and to be fair, they are in the business of selling tradelines, so, it was pretty good.





I ran into some issues here.  First, I know Call Credit Pro has been around for a while.  I can read internet results and realize they are not a fly by night or some fraud or scam organization.  So, I “know” all of this.  However, when I searched for their business records, I could not find them.  The only thing in the California business directory, with “credit pro” in it was suspended or active companies owned by someone other than the person who identified himself as the owner when I called Call Credit Pro.  So, I’ll do a little more research as this could be an issue on my end, but in the meantime, I’m still curious.



They have been doing this for a while and if they’ve done something to deserve an untrustworthy reputation, it would be all over the internet, but it isn’t.  They actually do what they say and the only complaints I’ve found were regarding timeliness.  I will stick my neck out and say “you can trust Call Credit Pro” because they want to sell tradelines, not run off with your information or something crazy.


Online Presence

It seems that their online presence happened organically.  They don’t seem to advertise at all (other than Google Ad Words) and I think this is awesome.  Their website is very simple, I also think this is awesome (save for a lack of functionality, but I admire the simplicity).


Online Complaints

Unfortunately, I did come across a few complaints.  In fact, some were on the Better Business Bureau.  In Call Credit Pro’s defense, however, please note that Call Credit Pro has an “A” rating with the better business bureau and the complaints were resolved.  In the complainer’s defense, I think the BBB ratings in this case seem genuine.  In Call Credit Pro’s defense, I think the content of the complaints on the BBB site are bologna, generally.  The BBB complaints about Call Credit Pro seem more like clients who didn’t read a contract and assumed things, rather than clients let down by Call Credit Pro’s alleged failure(s).  Can’t win ’em all.




I managed to get a hold of their agreement.  It was very basic and I’m not a lawyer, but I wasn’t convinced that it complied completely with the Credit Repair Organization’s Act.  However, it did have the proper notices, rights and declarations in or attached to the agreement.  In other words, it appears that they are trying to be legally correct.


Legal Knowledge

I did not have a chance to questions the owner or the rep thoroughly enough to provide an assessment here.  Based on the agreement, I’d say they are at least the second or third company in our rankings, but certainly not first.



Their compliance with local, state and federal law and regulation, in a word, is sufficient, that’s about it.


Final Thoughts:

All and all, Call Credit Pro is probably a very good company, certainly good people and you won’t be disappointed unless you are in a hurry. That is, they are trustworthy, competent, but they’ve had a reputation of being slow, at least in the past. They will get the job done, but don’t expect to get someone on the phone in minutes and don’t expect a call back within 2 hours. This might sound like a bad thing, but trust me… I’ve ranked Call Credit Pro number 2 for a reason. It’s a good, small, company. At the end of the day, if I am wrong about any of this, please post comments below so others can benefit from your experience with Call Credit Pro.



  1. Wow! I bought a tradeline package from Cliff at call credit pro. although I should be reviewing call credit pro i want to first say that this review was spot on, it was as if i wrote it myself based on working with them. Exactly right, they do the job, but i waited almost 5 months until all the tradelines were on my bureaus. Super profession and nice, but that was to much time for me and it was frustrating. After reading other reviews I can say i lucked out and didn’t get one of those scam companies, but i would definately say this review is right on, cliff will get it done, but i hope you have time to wait!

  2. I worked with call credit pro and i absolutely agree with the author and sammy. I am going to match the author’s stars, cause I think they deserve at least 3.5 stars.

  3. This may be premature but I have been waiting 3 weeks and nothing yet. I get some emails returned by hardly ever a phone call. I am sitting in the drak hoping something shows up on my credit report.

  4. Not happy and left credit pro. I am not saying I represent the typical transaction with them, but I certainly can’t move forward with them after my dealings with them so far. I am not saying they are a bad company, but I hope I am one of those clients that slipped through the cracks. I am just writing to warn that it is POSSIBLE you won’t have a good experience.

  5. My experience with Credit Pro was exceptional. I needed to raise my score by 42 points to qualify for our home loan. I called several other companies, however Credit Pro was the most professional and knowledgable. I was told it would take a couple weeks, however my trade line reported within 1 week and I qualified for my loan! I am a savvy business professional that demands the best, and I believe I found them. Since, I have recommended them to several friends and family and all have experienced great results. I would highly recommend.

  6. I recently had the great pleasure of benefiting from two trade lines hitting my credit report from… scores went from low 600’s to over 700. What I learned in doing much research on adding authorized user trade lines to ones report is that it is not 100% an exact science. I don’t care what company you go with; many different factors go into calculating a FICO score. It can take some time and you must be patient when looking to boost your scores, but did the job…..ed from philly


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