Legal CPN (.com) Review 1.5 / 5

Legal CPN (.com) Review

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Legal CPN (.com) Review Summary:

Legal CPN reviews are far-reaching.  Legal CPN has been around long enough to make a name for themselves and become a search term (“legal cpn”) all of their own.  Now, that’s not necessarily a good thing.  Certainly there are enough bad reviews out there for me to rubber stamp this review and call them a “scam” or a “rip off”, but is not a copy and paste organization.  So, let’s get to the bottom of legal cpn.


PROs and CONs:

  • Good at internet marketing.
  • Multiple complaints.
  • Use other’s inventory of tradelines.
  • Shoddy Websites.
  • No real business records.
  • Payments go to an individual.
  • Uses Western Union.





Their pricing ranges between $100.00 for a book to over $2,000.00 for a tradeline.  They also sell CPNs and those prices range from free to $350.00.  I would say they are not affordable for what you get.


Pricing Model

Again, their prices range, but usually you pay up front for whatever you are purchasing.


Payment Methods

I always hate it when sites say “if they don’t accept credit cards, they’re a scam”.  It’s simply a ridiculous notion.  However, the method of payment a company chooses to use may have an indication as to their legitimacy.  For example, Legal CPN only accepts Western Union.  This is a tell-tale sign of a company wanting to ensure they get their money with no chance of a charge back or refund.  In addition, the payments are made to an individual, and NOT a company; not legal cpn.





I couldn’t find any verifiable, reliable or trustworthy references to their effectiveness.  Likewise, I didn’t consider all of the “scam” reports, either.  Overall, however, it appears Legal CPN is not effective.



They seem knowledgeable in terms of the latest crazes and fads associated with tradelines and cpns.  Not only do they jump on the bandwagon, it seems as though they start most of them.  So, their knowledge does not stick out in a good way, but certainly they are familiar with the industry.



Legal CPN has been around for a while.  They have the battle scars to prove it.  It seems as though they have become experienced in the wrong way.



See Effectiveness above.


Customer Service:



Absolutely no returned contact.



I was unable to evaluate their professionalism personally.  However, I have seen some of their “rebuttals” from online complaints as well as their “Complaints Department” page, which shows a lack of professionalism and viciousness.





They have many different websites, such as oxfunding . com, myprimarytradelines . info, etc. and almost none of them have any links to any real business records.



They have certainly frustrated some clients, so I’m not relaying on emotional clients and their rage, but the overwhelming presence of negative reviews tends to indicate that Legal CPN is not trustworthy.


Online Presence

They are all over the place online.  Most sources of their online presence consists of either 1) their own website(s) and secondary domains, or 2) negative reviews from ripoff report, complaint boards, etc.


Online Complaints

There are many, many online complaints regarding Legal CPN and their sister organizations, like Ox Funding, etc.  I read these complaints thoroughly looking for authenticity as apposed to their competition smearing their reputation on purpose.  In fact, they have a “complaints department” on their website that says “Some of these actors are so brazen that they have even taken step to smear the name Legal CPN in order to promote their products or services.”  Well, we took a look at their complaints department and attempted to view the “proof” they had of illegitimate complaints.  We immediately noticed the links were broken or the pages linked to didn’t exist.  In addition, their point about competition is not well taken by us, because there are simply too many complaints about them, generally.   It is highly unlikely that their competition (which is very few and far between) took the time to write so many complaints about them.  So, we found the general impression left by the complaining parties to be legitimate and reliable.  To the extent that we found complaints on Legal CPN illegitimate,  it was only to the extent that the complaining party was emotional or exaggerating.

Ironically, they complain about “fake reviews”, but engage in the same exact conduct.  They’ve set up “legal cpn reviews” on random websites that link back to their page.  This put the nail in the coffin, so to speak, as it relates to our view of their claim regarding fake and malicious reviews.





I read their agreements thoroughly.  It seems to have been originally written by an attorney (or perhaps copied and pasted from somewhere else) and modified with strict adherence to “cover your a$$” tactics.  Like most companies, they have typical Indemnification, Mediation, Dispute Resolution and other protective clauses.  However, there is a lot of “if you do this or that” its your problem, not ours.


Legal Knowledge

After reading the agreements a few times, it was clear it’s a copy and paste job.  It looks like they probably consulted with an attorney and then just went crazy on obscure references to ambiguous laws that really have no baring on their process.



After researching the CPN matter, I cannot figure out whether or not CPNs are legal.  So, to the extent they are illegal, Legal CPN is a scam.  To the extent that they are legal, Legal CPN is a genius.  Consult with your attorney.


Final Thoughts:

I never judge a book by its cover, and in this case, Legal CPN is covered with poor reviews, shoddy websites and marketing tricks, among other things.  However, after a full review and time spent researching, I can say in this case, it’s probably safe to judge a book by its cover.  Legal CPN came in second to last, just above Tradeliner . org.  We think Legal CPN is merely pushing products and trying to stay above water, whereas Tradeliner is deliberate and perhaps intentional as to their poor results.  So, Legal CPN is not the worst company we’ve reviewed, but we certainly would NOT recommend them.

Update – 3-7-2013:

Our statistics on page views and from visitors tends to indicated that Legal CPN, in some cases, did not deliver on their promised tradelines. I cannot say that the stats below suggest these is a constant theme with Legal CPN, but it certainly lends credence to our review. Please note that the visitor searched “tradelines did not post with legal cpn”.

tradelines did not post with legal cpn

The visitor searched “tradelines did not post with legal cpn” on Google and landing on this page.


  1. Fantastic review! I was going to hire them before reading this. It didn’t stop me from hiring them, but I went on to do my own research. I came back just to write this review. You are on it! This is the most well written review out there and I searched for the last few days on Legal CPN (and others). Good job! I almost gave it five stars, then realized I am rating legal cpn and not tadelinesreview ah ha. Thanks again!

    • Thank you Anthony. While we appreciate the compliment, please feel free to write about Legal CPN if you found anything (good or bad) that we’ve missed.

  2. Waste of time. Total scam. They don’t know $h!t. They are a bunch of clowns.

  3. I’v been a reseller of Legal CPN for 3 years with several clients per month needing trade lines; and they have delivered each an every time. I would never stay with a company for years if I was getting robbed or if they did not deliver. 5 STARS for my direct knowledge of dealing directly with Legal Cpn.

    • We are waiting for a response from Cathy as to the verifiable relationship between her in Legal CPN. We will keep you updated.

  4. Well my wife and I ordered a cpn from legal I received mine and it checked out so far but my wife has yet to receive hers and we did them on the same day at the same time. We’ve call and received no answer and emailed with no response in the time period there website says. So as of now I have mixed feelings about them. I just did another one for a friend of mine so I’ll let you’ll know how it goes.

  5. Why can’t they be reached on their phone number? How do we contact someone I ordered a cpn but want to cancal

  6. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT do business with Legal CPN! They are a bunch of crooks. I kid you not. I ordered a bogus CPN package from them, followed every instruction in the multitude of eBooks, and it still flopped. Trying to get them on the phone is a lost cause. The email responses they sent me back telling them about the faulty CPN contained a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo, and were replete with undeniable rhetoric. Matt Cohen is a crook. Don’t trust the “Jason” guy either (not his real name). Once I did get someone on the phone to discuss my problems with their products, they blocked my freaking number!

    On top of this, the trade lines that I ordered (one for myself, and another for a client)from them DID NOT post. This put me and my company in a horrible bind. I even upgraded as a re-seller (Affiliate) of their TLs. They refused to give me back my money for the CPN, and the trade lines I ordered. I am most certain that “Cathy” above is a fake person, and is someone from Legal CPN trying to boost their ratings on this site. One of the worst decisions I made was purchasing products from Legal CPN. I tried opening a bank account at Chase as they instructed I should do, and was denied. The bank representative said, and I quote: “I’m going to give you this opportunity to leave now before I call the police.” How embarrassing.I was humiliated. They have mastered the art of deceptive practices.

  7. To Reviewer

    What to do???? I was going to order a tri-merge business and individual CPN from After reading this review among others, I have decided not to proceed. I was going to use the service to start my own business and improve my credit worthiness.

    It would have felt good to have a second change.

    Thank you and the others for saving me and my family.

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